Designated Funds

These funds are established by our donors for the benefit of a particular charity or a specific charitable use.  Each year a grant from the fund – either a percentage of the fund asset or a specific dollar amount – is given to the named charitable organization.

ASSURE (2018)
Area Suicide SUpport REsources – focuses on awareness, prevention, outreach, and community support programs

Bates Family Memorial Fund (2011)
Endowed fund for the benefit of the Mercer County Historical Society.

Boost the Park (1999)
Supports improvements to Coldwater Park.

Bredemier Fund (2020)
Supports local charities.

Celina-Coldwater Bikeway Fund (1986)
Provides maintenance funds for the Celina-Coldwater bike path.

Celina Band Fund (2020)
Supports the Celina Band. 

William & Patsy Dawson UMC Fund (2001)

Benefits St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Celina.

Expanding Horizons (2010)
Supports positive activities and experiences for youth involved with the Juvenile Probation Department.

4-H Camp Fund (1997)
Benefits the 4-H Camp in Mercer County

Franklin Township Natural Recreation Area Fund (2010)
Provides recreation areas.

Give Me A Smile (2017)
Provides orthodontic improvements for Coldwater youth.

Ken Gelhaus Fund – Youth Charity (2020)
Provides matching grants to Coldwater youth organizations who share resources with the needy or underprivileged.

Grand Lake Mariners (2021)
Supports operations of the Grand Lake Mariners Baseball Club.

Hannah Hattery Fund (1993)
Established in honor of Hannah Hattery, the fund makes a disbursements to the American Legion Auxiliary for programs.

Bob Heckman Memorial Fund (2004)
Established by bequest, this fund benefits the Mercer County Historical Society.

Heinl Law Enforcement Scholarship (2023)
Grants are awarded each year to the Western Ohio Educational Foundations for a scholarship to a student in the Wright State University Police Academy. 

Homer Yaney Funds (1977)
Established by local resident Homer Yaney, the four Yaney Funds benefit each of the following organizations:
Mercer County Heart Association
Mercer County Crippled Children & Adults
Tri-County Health Fund
Mercer County Red Cross Chapter

Houts YMCA Fund (2007)
Benefits the YMCA.

Elizabeth Kable Crippled Children Fund (1982)
A bequest began this fund, which originally made a yearly gift to the Crippled Children’s Society (Now the Mercer County Crippled Children/Adults Fund, below).

Lake Area Arts Group (2019)
Support art related initiatives of LAAG.

Lake Restoration Commission (2010)
Established to improve water quality in the lake with sediment removal and aeration.

Lakeshore Park District (2018)
Supports  improvements/additions to Lakeshore Park, which includes Mercelina, Lakeshore and Pullman Bay areas.

Marion Township Library Promoters (2021)
Established to support the library and the building.

Mercer County Crippled Children/Adults Fund (2002)
Established with the proceeds from the Crippled Children’s Society, the fund makes grants to a local agency for the medical needs of the handicapped and mentally disabled.

Mercer County 4-H Fund (1989)
Benefits the 4-H Program in Mercer County for their activities, speakers, and seminar scholarships.

Mercer County Historical Society Fund (1989)
The Historical Society, located in Celina at the Riley House, receives a grant each year for the benefit of the museum, including programs, acquisitions, and publications.

Mercer County Historical Society Maintenance Fund (2008)
Established for the maintenance of the building.

Paul & Helen Meyer (2014)
Provides playground and recreational equipment in the city of Celina.

Dan Otten Memorial Track Fund (2021)
Established by Dan’s siblings.  This fund will be used to resurface the Celina High School Track.

James Leslie Perts Fund (2022)  
This memorial fund benefits the Tri Star Classes, especially the welding program.

Polio Support Fund (2010)
This fund came to the Civic Foundation when the Mercer County Foundation decided to allow us to administer their funds in support of Polio victims.

Red, White and Blue Fund (2021)
Raising funds for Mercer County Fire, EMS, and Law enforcement departments.

Ila Mae Rice Fund (1997)
Established as a memorial honoring Ila Mae, a client at Cheryl Ann programs, distributions are directed to Cheryl Ann Programs for the benefit of people with mental retardation or developmental disabilities.

Richardson Bretz Building Fund (2007)
Established for the maintenance of the Richardson Bretz Building.

Robert & Addie Riley (2008)
This endowed fund will be used by the Mercer County Historical Society for their operations.

Rotary Club Fund (1982)
Originally started as a scholarship fund, the Rotary Club now holds an annual charity auction to raise funds that are donated to various charitable organizations and community projects.

Richard & Catharine Sharp Fund (1997)
Established by bequest, this fund awards grants each year to the Western Ohio Educational Foundation for scholarships at Wright State University Lake Campus.

St. Henry Freedom Amphitheater (2012)
Sponsors and provides free music and entertainment to the greater St. Henry Community.

Magdalene Weitz – Council on Aging (2013)
Magdalene Weitz – Public Television (2013)

Funds support two areas Magdalene Weitz was interested in.

Charles Wharton Fund (2018)
Established by bequeath to support Giving Thanks Community Meal.

Paul Yocum YMCA Fund (1986)
Established by bequest, this fund helps build and maintain the Auglaize/Mercer Counties Family YMCA.

Urban & Irene Zahn Memorial Fund (1999)
The estate of Urban & Irene Zahn established a fund for scholarships and other charitable needs for the benefit of the Marion Township area.

Ziegenbusch Nursing Scholarship WSULC
This fund awards grants each year to the Western Ohio Educational Foundation for scholarships at Wright State University Lake Campus.

Unrestricted Funds

These donors have generously established funds for unrestricted grant making in Mercer County.  This enables the Civic Foundation Board of Directors to administer a grant program in Mercer County that responds to the ever changing needs of the community.  The Board has complete discretion over how these funds are used for grant making.

Jerry Andrew (2012)
Robert Beougher (2011)
Walter & Aileen Bernard Fund (2000)
Robert J Bornhorst Memorial Fund (2004)

Henry & Louise Drake Fund (1978)
Gertrude Einfalt Fund (1993)
Clista & Hugo Fahncke Fund (1993)
Ralph E. Heffner Fund (1977)
John & Ruth Houts Fund (2007)
George G. Ester Jetter Fund (1993)
George Jetter Memorial Fund (2012)
Tom & Ann Knapke Art Fund (2010)
Chris & Pem Lincoln Jr. (2016)

Riley Memorial Fund (1999)
Thelma Pax (2012)
John Schenking Fund (2011)

Trenary-Andrews Fund (1979)
Edward & Marcella Werling Fund (2000)

Field of Interest Funds

These funds make grants in a particular field of interest chosen by the donor, such as health issues or programs benefiting children.

Dr. John & Mary Hattery Health Fund (1977)
The fund originally provided grants for physician recruitment, and now makes grants for health related needs to various charitable organizations.

Russell & Hannah Hattery Life Care Fund (1991)
The fund makes grants to local agencies for a wide variety of human needs, including food, shelter, and clothing.

Operating Funds

These funds assist with both Foundation administrative costs and some grant making expenses, thereby reducing the operational costs that must be assigned to the individual funds.

Friends of the Foundation (2002)
This fund assists with administrative costs, including some of our marketing expenses.  This means more money supports charitable uses.

General (1963)
This is a discretionary fund which the Board of Directors can use for Foundation charitable grants or expenses.

Agency Funds

These funds are established by charitable organizations to hold their endowed assets.

House of Hope (2021)
Mercer Residential Services Fund (2002)
MED Foundation (2011)
OUR Home Family Resources (2011)
St. Henry Library Promoters (2020)
Western Ohio Education Foundation (2023)

Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

Donors recommend grants from their funds to the Foundation Board of Directors while continuing to add to their funds over time.  DAF’s offer donors the benefits of a private foundation, while leaving the administrative tasks to the Civic Foundation.  Each year DAF’s suggest grants for local charities, churches, and disaster relief efforts.

Anonymous Donor (1998)
Robert & Peggy Bollenbacher Fund (2009)
Dave & Nancy Bredemeier (2012)
Collin Bryan Fund (2006)
John & Claudia Coe (2018)
Celina Eagles (2013) & (2014)
Michelle Conklin (2019)

Dick & Kathy Denning (2019)
Dippold Youth Fund (2009)
Keith & Andrea Faber  (2018)
Ken Gelhaus (2011)
Sam & Nita Hellwarth (2021)
Eric & Donna Hemmelgarn (2022)
Hux Fund (2009)
Ethan & Laura James Fund (2011)
James & Sharon Jennings (2014)
James D. Jennings Jr (2019)
Lefeld Industrial Welding Supply Fund (2016)
Loyal Order of Moose (2017)
Maras Family Memorial Fund (2023)
Mercer Health Care Foundation (2008)
Kerry Mitchell Memorial (2020)
Bill Montgomery Fund (2016)
Francis & Joan Pax (2023)
Pax Machine Works Fund (2021)
Don Rindler (2018)
Eric & Theresa Salzer Fund (2019)

Parker & Margaret Snyder Fund (2008)
Desch Sowar Family Fund (2019)

Ralph & Jane Stuckman Fund (1998)
Douglas & Beverly Thobe (2021)
Magdalene Weitz (2013) 

Edward Werling Charitable Fund (2003)
VJ & Marilyn Westerheide (2011)
Steve Zehringer Memorial Fund (2019)

Non-Permanent/ Project Funds

Donors give to these funds knowing that the entire principle will eventually be disbursed to the named beneficiary or project.  They can be special one-time projects, or not-for-profits just getting started.

ASAP Fund (2010)
Cavalier Stadium Improvement Fund (2010)
Celina H.S. Band Fund (2020)
Celina Concert Series Fund (1995)
Celina Primary Schools (2021)
Coldwater Dog Park (2022)

Community Needs Fund (1990)
EMS Patient Simulator (2015)
Fairgrounds Cornerstone Chapel (2022)
Fairgrounds Grand Event Center (2022)

Giving Thanks Fund (1999)
Grand Lake Rotary Fund (2016)

Grand Lake Symphony (2008)
Hand Up Village (2019)
Long Range Fair Planning (1999)
Trevor Mobley Memorial (2021)
Montgomery Field Fund (2007)
SS Fish Fry (2018)
Skateboard Park Fund (2005)
Tri Star 2.0 Building Enhancements (2017)