Scholarship Grant Funds
All scholarship grants are for high school seniors who are going on for further education.  Most of the scholarships are given with the guidance of the high schools counselors, teachers and administration.  Students are urged to visit their high school counselors to find out about these opportunities.  Below is a list of scholarships and the schools they benefit:
Scholarship Grant NamePurposeSchoolDownload LinkApplication Number
Abrams, Marian F.Math/account/bus (female preference)CelinaDownload184
Andrew, Jerry MemorialCollege/Advanced studiesCelina OR a Celina Tri Star StudentDownload320
Armcorp Construction
Construction or Construction Management CourseworkTri-Star affiliated schools
ASSURE Scholarship for HumanitySocial Work or Counseling or impacted by suicideMercer County Grad or non-traditional adult studentDownload359
Bidlack, TerryCollege studiesFt. RecoverySchool
Borger, FredMechanicsTri Star schools Download310
Braun Family ScholarshipNursing/Trade or Technical SchoolColdwater/ Tri Star

Bruns, Mary AliceCollege studiesFt. Recov/St. HenrySchool
Carey, Bill, BennyCollege studiesParkwayDownload343
Celina Class of 1959College studiesCelinaSchool
Celina Insurance GroupCollege studiesMercer/Auglaize or employee's child/grandchildDownload273
Celina Tent InternEngineering or a business-related field at Lake Campus & Intern at Celina TentN/ADownload351
Coldwater EaglesCollege studiesMember schoolsDownload205
Colson, Deitsch, WhiteSpecial Education, Nursing, Social WorkCelinaDownload338
Dabbelt, BettyCollege studiesCelinaSchool
Davis/McNuttCollege studiesParkwaySchool
Dawson, Dewey & Ruth College studiesCelinaSchool
Dawson, William & Patsy Veterinary/Education/Nursing CelinaDownload185
Desch-Sowarone tech degree; one 4 yr. degree yearlyColdwaterSchool328
Dieringer, Eugene & MarySocial work or educationMercer Co graduate OR adult, non-traditional studentsDownload211
Dietrich ScholarshipVocational School or Ag StudiesCelina/ParkwaySchool
Dippold, ScottCollege studiesColdwaterSchool
Droesch/MuellerClergy/EducationTroy ChristianSchool
Eastview 3-3 BasketballCollege studiesCelinaSchool
EsmondeAny major at Tri-StarTri StarDownload126
Esselstein, Ann "Do What's Expected..."College studiesCelina (1) & Parkway (1)Download332
Franke, Virginia B.Music/band studentFt. RecoverySchool
Gilmore Vocal Music, JeanetteInvolved with vocal music in college or the community level.CelinaDownload294
Griesdorn, RandyAuto or Diesel MechanicsTri-Star SchoolsDownload262
Heinl, Mark Law Enforcement ScholarshipLaw Enforcement Academy at WSU-LakeMercer Co. preference; all can applyContact WOEF Office at WSU Lake Campus
Hierholzer, John & KatieCulinary StudiesMercer Co, pref.
to Celina
Hollinger, DanAgriculture majorMarion LocalSchool
Homan, BenVocational/Agricultural and an athleteMarion LocalSchool
Houts, John & RuthCollege studiesCounty schoolsSchool
Huber, Carl & Michele (2 Scholarships)1. Artistic / Creative Occupations award
2. Teacher of Influence award
James, Helen H.Education, Journalism, CommunicationsMercer Co.Download349
Kaiser, BethCollege StudiesSt. HenrySchool
Lefeld Indus. & Welding SuppliesWelding, machining, metalsMercer, Auglaize, Darke
Lefeld, PaulAgriculture majorMercer Co. or Tri Star studentDownload149
Long, Phil A. Scholarship for HumanityHumanities-soc. work, gerontology, educ., etcCelina Download280
Meiring, JoeEducation/NursingFt. RecoverySchool
Mercer Co. Civic Foundation - CelinaCollege StudiesCelinaDownload302
Mercer Co. Civic Foundation - Tri-StarAdvanced studies at college or any accredited programTri Star gradDownload358
Mercer Co. Retired TeachersEducationCounty SchoolsDownload233
Meyer, Paul & HelenCollege Studies
Moorman, FernCollege StudiesParkwaySchool
Moorman, PaulCollege studiesCelinaSchool
Operation Freedom Support
College StudiesParent/Sibling in the Armed Forces; One scholarship to @ Co. SchoolDownload289
Otten, DanCollege StudiesCelina Student AthletesDownload341
Parkway Retired TeachersEducation majorParkwaySchool
Pogue, I.W.College studiesCelinaSchool
Pottkotter, Tom & Pam ScholarshipEducationCelina or ColdwaterDownload360
Purdy, Angus L.College StudiesCelina/ParkwaySchool
Purdy, Lee & Marlenetech / trades coursework at training facility or up to 4 yr. degreeParkwaySchool337
Reichert, ChrisAthleticsCelinaSchool
Schenking, KathyEducation/EngineerColdwaterSchool
Schulte, Dr. Emerita & HenryCollege/Advanced studiesColdwater H.S.School334
Schulte, JohnNursingCelinaDownload299
Sherrill, TonyCollege/ Advanced studies Celina graduate OR adult, non-traditional student Download357
Smith-Turner EngineeringEngineeringColdwaterSchool
Snyder, Margaret & ParkerNursingCelina(1) & County(1)Download226
Stachler, Jane Memorial Music education or performance

Staugler-CooperAgriculture majorFt. RecoverySchool
Strohl, BruceCollege studiesCelinaSchool
Tri-Star EternalAdvanced studiesTri Star gradDownload350
Univ. Women and UWC Evelyn Meyer - same application for both1.UWC: female, any college major
2. UWC-E. Meyer: female, education major.
County Schools Download
Univ. Women for college Jr. or Sr. College studies - femaleMercer Co, Jr/Sr in collegeDownload317
Vore, Stephen R.
Welding & Steel
Welding-Metal workingMercer Co, pref
to Ft. Rec.
Werling, Jim & MarilynCollege studiesSt. HenryDownload200
Werling, JoeCollege studiesSt. HenrySchool
Willhoff, Thomas FamilyEngineering or STEM majorColdwater School
Ziegenbusch, Dr. Kenneth & Kitty-HuntNursing Mercer & Aug. Co. for WSU Lake Campus WSU Link
Scholarship Loan Funds
The Civic Foundation has a number of low interest (4%) student loan funds for Mercer County high school graduates. Interest begins to accrue only when the student graduates from college, with repayment beginning six months after graduation. The $1,500.00 loan is renewable for undergraduate study (four years). Contact our office for applications, due each year by June 15. 
Scholarship Loan FundPurpose
Bair, Wyckoff & Ross PharmacyPharmacy majors attending OH Northern Univ. 
C.A. & Belva StubbsCollege studies
C.M. & Mabel MongomeryCollege studies
Celina Business & Professional WomenCollege studies
Clista & Hugo FahnckeCollege studies
Cochrane-ChrispinCollege studies
Combined Loan Funds (AVCO, Susan Eblen, Goldstein and Blair Williams Funds)College studies
Henrietta LoganCollege studies
John & Ruth Houts College studies
Mersman BrothersCollege studies
Ollene & Simon StraleyCollege studies
PhysicianStudents majoring in medical fields
Zehringer Family LoanCollege studies

I often find that in life, knowing the right thing to do is simple. However, simple isn’t always easy; it is often the hardest route to take. Over the years, I will continue to serve others and help benefit society in some way. It has always been my deepest desire to somehow find a way to change the world around me. I want you to know that this scholarship will truly help me on my mission to accomplish this.

Jason BrunswickZahn ScholarshipMarion Local High School

This scholarship will help alleviate much of my financial burden of college. Thank you for this Paul Lefeld Scholarship and for helping with furthering my education.

Andrew AlbersPaul Lefeld Agricultural ScholarshipMinster High School

Thank you for choosing me as a recipient of the Paul Lefeld Agricultural Scholarship.  It will be very helpful paying for my college education at Wright State University.

Rachel KingPaul Lefeld Memorial ScholarshipParkway High School

There is not enough room on this card to express my gratitude for your Scholarship. As a 19 year old kid it’s hard to grasp the concept of paying for college.

Jack HindersKen Esmonde Sr. ScholarshipCelina High School

Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship. It sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Houts were hard workers. I will honor their gift by working hard in college and later giving back to the community of Mercer County. Thank you for your financial help.

Joe GonzalezJohn & Ruth Houts ScholarshipFt. Recovery High School